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At 1 Polska Street we collect and share stories – it is the stories that fill the walls of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.

Here we conduct research projects whose aim is to learn and acquaint with the phenomenon of emigration and various Polish communities abroad. The thematic collections created in this way are another attempt to get a closer look at the Poles in exile from a new perspective.

Emigration is something more than leaving the country. What exactly – that is the question we try to gather answers to in our collections. We want to meet with emigrants, to get to know them, ask, listen to and show that the image of Poles living abroad is complex, interesting and constantly changing. There are no two identical emigration stories. A look at some of them in our collections is a chance to discover a part of this colorful mosaic.

In 2015 museum created "Ask about Poland" collection, a project in which we looked at emigration from the perspective of the return to the country. Tri-city re-emigrants were talking together about the stories of their departures and returns, the accompanying emotions and the meaning of the "small homeland" in their exile.

"Faces of the Polish Community Abroad: Residents of Hamtramck" is a work of history researcher Anne Muller, PhD and photographer Tomek Zerek. They talked with residents of incredible town in the United States about Polish society changing for decades under the influence of the American melting pot of cultures and nationalities.