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Oral History Archive

The core of Emigrant's Archive is Oral History Archive. We would like emigrants to create their own narrative about their experiences and emotions associated with the departure from the country, the stay abroad and contact with other cultures. We are here to register and preserve those narratives. Recorded relations are prepared and then archivised in the Museum. Excerpts of the interviews are presented on this site.


We work using narrative-biographical approach. This means that we are interested in the records of personal experiences of individuals. We do not focus on "history lectures" but on the perspective of specific migrants. We believe that every, even seemingly simple emigration route, is unique and, therefore, worthy of preservation. The most important for us are the biographies of our interlocutors and their ways of looking at events in which they participated.


Human memory is a very essential, but unfortunately often overlooked, source of knowledge about the history and the present. In order to preserve it, we archive emigration stories in the form of written memoirs, recorded interviews and films which will preserve all the memories. Whole interviews will be soon available in the Museum's reading space.